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What is your bilge pump trying to tell you?

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Picture this: You notice your bilge pump is running more frequently than usual, but when you check it, it seems to be keeping up with the water. At the end of the weekend, you make a mental note to check the boat’s bilge before you leave. The bilge pump has done its job and you assume everything will be fine. On Wednesday, you receive a call from the marina that your boat seems to be taking on water. Will you make it to the dock in time?

An overactive bilge pump could be a sign for trouble ahead. It’s important to keep an eye on it, to establish a baseline for your boat’s normal activity level. Now you can remotely check your bilge pump activity simply by checking your phone.

The majority of sinkings happen when the boat is at the dock or on the mooring. When you are away from your boat during the week, you rely solely on the boat’s bilge pump(s) to expel excess water. By the time the high water alarm goes off, usually that ship has sailed and it’s too late.

NAUTIC-ON helps keep your boat afloat! The smart system keeps a record of the bilge pump’s activity, including run duration and frequency. Every bilge pump is different, but by monitoring your boat 24/7, the historical log gives you a good picture of your boat’s typical levels.

You’ll receive an alert when the activity spikes, before the water gets too high. The NAUTIC-ON boater app allows you to easily send diagnostic data to your service provider, notifying them of the issue so they can quickly take action.

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*Stat Source: BoatUS


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