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Trip Tracking Added to NAUTIC-ON Features

The latest NAUTIC-ON app release, Version 1.1.1, includes a new monitoring element, enhancing the existing location feature. Trip tracking now allows boaters to view their exact location and its previous path via Smart Breadcrumbing.

The location feature of the app now tracks and monitors your boat’s location when it’s at the dock or out on the water. With GeoFence capabilities, users can set a perimeter around their boat when the vessel is docked or anchored, and alert you when the boat has moved outside the boundaries. This latest addition provides boaters with the option to see their location and full trip from start to finish. The app also archives previous activity timestamped by date in an organized log. The NAUTIC-ON Smart Boating System also gives you more detailed information about the trip, including:

> Map: Identify the exact route you took during your voyage

> Distance: See the length of your outing in nautical miles

> Speed: Find the average speed of your vessel in knots from each run, relative speeds are displayed via the map's color scale.

NAUTIC-ON Trip Tracking increases the security of your boat, when your boat is moving and when it’s not. To start using this new feature, update your NAUTIC-ON App in the Apple Store or Google Play Store.


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