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Smart Boating in the Big Apple

NAUTIC-ON was featured at a Mercury Marine event held at Chelsea Piers in New York. Designed to work on any boat with a battery, the NAUTIC-ON Smart Boating System was installed on a SeaRay 310 SLX, Scout 350 SF and Boston Whaler 380 Realm out on the Hudson River.

Monitoring the boats’ key systems, real-time engine data could be viewed via the NAUTIC-ON app, along with battery life and bilge pump activity—while on board and off boat.

The various location features were on full display at the event. Attendees could see the exact location of each vessel via the predetermined Geofence. In a live demo of the latest smart breadcrumbing feature, trip tracking allowed app users to see their precise location and their recent route.

NAUTIC-ON portal features a fleet management tool, which allows quick access to multiple boats at once. While enjoying a ride on the NAUTIC-ON enabled SeaRay 310 SLX, attendees could see the location of both the Scout 350 SF and Boston Whaler 380 Realm also at the show.

At the end of the event, every trip was recorded in the NAUTIC-ON app’s log. Boat drivers and riders could see the day’s history, including number of trips, where they went, top speeds and distances.

The full NAUTIC-ON Smart Boating System, including the onboard hardware, mobile app and dealer portal, were used at the event to monitor three boats, simultaneously.

Additional pictures from the event can be found at


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