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NAUTIC-ON Makes Maintenance and Service Easier

With NAUTIC-ON, boaters can give technicians meaningful diagnostics and a view of their boat during the service process, leading to faster and better service experiences.

The innovative system provides dealers with remote access to diagnostic information to stay in front of frequent boat service pain points, in some cases catching problems before they become major concerns.

Imagine you receive an alert that your bilge pump is running constantly. An overactive bilge is a sign of bigger problems to come. With NAUTIC-ON, you know there’s something wrong, and you can take the proper precautions to fix it yourself or easily send a technician to the vessel to check it out

By granting your service provider access to the remote monitoring system, they are able to stay on top of your key systems and pull real-time diagnostics. NAUTIC-ON benefits the service providers in a variety of ways, making repairs more efficient, and in the end, less of a headache for you, the customer.

  • Historical Log – Technicians can preemptively troubleshoot the problem and better prep for repair, as they get a full picture of the current problem for a more informed service call.

  • Location –With a GeoFence set around the vessel, service managers can batch their orders by geographic location, giving a more accurate window of time for expected service.

  • Alerts – Premium service categories, such as engine technicians and advanced mechanics, can be strategically deployed to tackle more serious issues that require specific expertise.

The NAUTIC-ON service provider portal allows your marina to stay in front of routine maintenance as well as on top of other issues that may come up. These efficiencies for the team minimize your time stuck at the dock or marina, in the end, maximizing your time out on the water.


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