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Chicago Yacht Club Power & Sail In-Water Tech Show

During the 7th Annual Power & Sail Event, attendees were introduced to the latest in marine technology—for both sail boats and power boats. Hosted at the Chicago Yacht Club at Monroe Harbor, boaters stepped onboard to get an in-depth view of what’s new!

Along with local dealerships and marinas, NAUTIC-ON was on the water—installed on a vessel at the dock. Event attendees could see the smart boating system hooked up to the boat, and learn how it would tie into their own console, batteries and bilge pumps.

Boaters demoed the NAUTIC-ON app, walking through a real-life scenario and how it would alert them that their boat had an issue. The Geofence feature was of particular interest to Power & Sail attendees as many boats docked at Monroe Harbor are on a mooring. With the full system, boaters can set a perimeter around their boat, so they know if their boat is dragging.

The remote monitoring system allows users to stay connected to their boats 24/7, giving them peace of mind when they can’t be at the harbor. On top of the Geofence location feature, boaters can check in on key system vitals, including engine status, battery life and bilge pump activity.

This cutting-edge marine tech is designed to work on any boat equipped with a battery. The onboard system is modular, meaning it can easily be retrofitted to existing boats. NAUTIC-ON can be used on sail boats and power boats.

Learn more about the variety of features available to you with the NAUTIC-ON Smart Boating System.


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