Order your boat hub and sensors.


Download the NAUTIC-ON app on your mobile device.

Prep your boat

for installation.


 Begin your smart boating journey.

Select the option that fits your boat.

All options contain one hub plus:

  • Option 1: 1 Battery Sensor

  • Option 2: 2 Battery Sensors, 1 Bilge Pump Sensor

  • Option 3: 3 Battery Sensors, 2 Bilge Pump Sensors

  • Option 4: 5 Battery Sensors, 3 Bilge Pump Sensors

We recommend one battery sensor per battery bank

NAUTIC-ON hardware uses its own cellular connection to get your data to you no matter where you are. The activation you choose will determine how long your NAUTIC-ON system will continue to report live data.

  • Annual 1 year : $149 per year plus tax

  • Seasonal 6 month (April 1-November 1) : $99 per year plus tax

*Billing will begin on the day your hardware is installed and activated. Your subscription will auto-renew on the same date each year.

Subscription Details

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