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Smarter boat monitoring is a swipe away!

GPS Tracking & GeoFence

Stay secure and plan ahead.

Track your precise boat location, trip course, and speed. Know where your boat is 24/7, when it’s moving and when it's not. The NAUTIC-ON system logs your trips by date, so you know your recent routes.

Battery Monitoring

Have power when you need it.

Knowing how your batteries operate is key to understanding if you are going to be dead-in-the water. The NAUTIC-ON smart boating system allows you to effectively maintain your marine batteries, extend their life and replace them before they fail.

Bilge Pump Monitoring

Be on the water
not under water.

An over active bilge pump is a sign of bigger issues to come. The NAUTIC-ON system allows you to track bilge pump activity and tells you when the bilge
has stopped working so you

can respond quickly.

Engine Status

Get real engine insight.

Our system speaks your engine language. NAUTIC-ON sensors listen and deliver real-time vital engine data giving unparalleled insight into your engine’s performance and diagnostic information.

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Know when conditions are about to change.

Our weather feature alerts you when bad weather may impact your boat and focuses on conditions most important to boaters.

Keep track of the weather
conditions surrounding your boat while
on board or remotely.

What's on the horizon?

Tell us what you would like your smart boat to do!
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