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NAUTIC-ON   is a Chicago-based marine technology and service company that provides a smarter boating experience.


NAUTIC-ON simplifies and enhances the boating experience using IoT (Internet of Things). Our remote monitoring and smart diagnostics are enabled by a secure cloud platform that stores data from the hub, wireless sensors, and smart components installed on the boat, giving boat owners access to their boat’s data using the intuitive NAUTIC-ON smartphone app. The app provides boat owners with a remote view of the condition of their boat’s key components and operating systems, and it alerts them when systems are malfunctioning – giving them the right information at the right time to make their boating experience more enjoyable.   

NAUTIC-ON is available as a factory installed feature on select boat brands. 


Smart boating is...

Minimizing maintenance costs by preventing serious issues through advanced insight.

Growing your boating IQ 

with cutting-edge technology and professional industry 

knowledge to improve your boating experience.

Maximizing your time 
on the water and knowing

 your boat is ready!

We believe...

Our products and services should enrich the boating experience through technology and industry-leading expertise to simplify and enhance the boating lifestyle.

A Brunswick Corporation brand, Nautic-ON belongs to a leading group of lifestyle brands that range from recreational boat builders to marine engines. For a list of all Brunswick brands, visit

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